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Sliding fire doors, hardware

We can supply hardware only.

Sliding fire doors are designed to separate the fire area within the factory or building to provide evacuation in case of a fire, preventing the fire to spread around and minimize the loss. Generally, the sliding doors are huge panels hung on the roller for easy movement of gliding.

For endurance and better safety, the Sliding fire doors, hardware play a crucial role. If the hardware is not up to the mark, it can ruin the whole system. Express sliding fire doors supply the ultimate quality hardware.

Many times, the installation is a disaster by the technicians. Express sliding fire doors provide all the hardware with proper specification and installation instructions. Our engineers are aware of the functioning and installation system of the product. We provide the service of the installation of sliding door hardware from start to end.

We also make awareness regarding the installation of the Sliding fire doors hardware such as:

  • creating awareness of the critical role of fire doors
  • spreading literacy on the identification of ill installation and maintenance of fire doors
  • Educate people to check the functioning and condition of fire doors
  • Encourage and create awareness among the property owners to understand the correct specification, supply, installation, operation, inspection, and maintenance

Why is the Sliding door hardware important?

The prime purpose of any fire-rated safety door is to prevent spreading of fire and delay of smoke. The aim is to save lives with the property and assets of the factory. The right specification and preservation of fire doors are critical to the compartmentalization of a fire, which in turn allows occupants to safely evacuate a building.

Express sliding fire doors supply high-quality hardware for the sliding door. The material is purchased from renowned dealers. We use high-grade steel for hardware to provide enduring life to your sliding doors. The goal is not only installation of the product's good and high quality, but the preservation of human life and resources is of great importance to us. You can freely call our team members for further assistance.