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Special-Purpose Horizontal Sliding Fire Doors:

The door, which opens horizontally with a sliding movement, is usually parallel to a wall. There are two types of tracks available

  • Top run track
  • Bottom slide track (non rated)

The top run is the latest version of the horizontal sliding fire doors as it takes all the load of the door on top and glides smoothly without any interference to the floor surface. The bottom run sliding door is the version of horizontal sliding doors where the load suspended in the bottom of the door for movement. The expert designers of Express sliding fire doors bring the best of both together to supply the finest of their knowledge.

The traditional side hung doors are impractical for large openings and sliding fire doors are most preferred models, fitting symphonically in any type of architectural design and offers ease and convenience. The doors are fire-resistant and help to divide the premise into the segment to control the fire from spreading. The vision window allows looking through the door and smoke and fire-resistant.

Features of our horizontal sliding fire doors:

  • Large openings:

Horizontal sliding fire doors allow large openings up to 5.4m high x 7.8m wide and uninterrupted movement of plant and pedestrian traffic.

  • Custom made designs of the door:
    1. A single leaf – the single door is installed, and the individual door slides left or right.
    2. Double leaf- the door is divided into two parts in odd or even size depending on the requirements of the customer. The two leaf slides either side of the opening or one side of the opening.
  • Electronic door controlling:
  • The movement of the door can be controlled by the electronic mechanism allowing the movement to be fast or slow as per requirement.

  • Emergency closing:
  • The horizontal sliding fire doors ensure the safety of the factory and the people working around. The door is controlled by the closing counter weight system.

    Express Sliding fire doors provide every solution to have a greater fire rated door system with the latest mechanism such as smoke alarm, fire alarm. The budget is our main concern therefore; we supply the ultimate horizontal sliding fire doors at a competitive price.