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Why sliding fire doors?

Many industries are prone to fire hazards due to its functions and activities, they need the safety doors, which control the fire from spreading one unit to another. These are specially designed doors with high functionality and fire rated to avoid any kind of mishap.

There are many purposes of the fire rates sliding doors:

  • Providing the safest environment for your factory or building structure.
  • Compartmentalization or the premises for better management of fire are the primary concern of any architect or builder.
  • Large openings offer free movement of plant and equipment and even people if it suits.

In this situation, Express sliding fire doors in Sydney offers the best solution. The purposes are usually achieved through the Fire-rated sliding doors in Sydney. That creates a fire-rated wall system which divides the area into the manageable risk area. The conventional side hung doors are impractical and sliding fire doors are the most preferred models, fitting harmoniously in any kind of architectural design and offers comfort and accessibility

Express Sliding fire Doors offers Fire-resistant sliding doors which consists of a horizontal moving system, with the ultimate protection of maximum fire resistance from one to four hours, across Sydney, Australia

Where do we install Sliding Fire doors?

Sydney, throughout NSW and all of Australia if required.

Fire-rated sliding doors in Sydney are mostly preferred in larger structures having a high level of plant movement such as;

  • Factories, production Plants
  • Warehouses with large storing capacity
  • Educational organizations, school, and colleges
  • Shopping malls
  • Residential building complex
  • Car park zone
  • Medical institutions, hospitals

What makes us the best seller of fire rated sliding doors, Sydney?

  • The steel used to make the doors is high-grade steel
  • The material purchased is from licensed traders to ensure the quality of the doors
  • The latest technology is used that offer smooth functioning and high efficiency.
  • Small openings are available for the movement of people, trolleys, conveyors etc.
  • All the features of safety measures are added such as fire alarms, flashing light when smoke is detected.
  • In sliding fire doors, we use the technology of topline movement where the load of the door is pulled by the top mechanism allowing the doors glide easily.
  • Specialised technician to install the mechanism for commercial, factory, and residential fire rated sliding doors.
  • The multi-segment doors are available with single, double leaf and combination leaf.
  • Our range of fire-rated sliding door is fire resistant and creates a barrier to prevent the fire from one compartment to another.
  • The 3mm galvanised-steel channels prevent damage to the edge of door leaves.
  • Fireproof vision window allows seeing through one compartment to another.

We sell many Fire rated sliding door designs at a competitive price with the latest technology across Australia in Sydney. For further inquiry, call us