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Doors are all around us and serve many purposes, they mainly take care of our valuable assets. Door designing is an essential part of any structure. The opening and closing should be smooth and effortless, and at the same time, the size of automatic sliding fire doors also matters to carry the material onto the premises with ease. There are several designs available from traditional to contemporary.

Express sliding fire doors are the ultimate destination for buying the doors of your choice. We offer a start to end solution for your door requirements that is;

  • Designing Customised doors
  • Installation of Doors
  • After-sale service of the door for maintenance

We are the specialists in the door automation and our range of fire-rated automatic sliding doors are an indispensable product that you must buy. Our technical staff understands the requirement closely and designs all our products with the utmost care.

How do we work?

  • The experienced team conducts a discussion session with the client
  • Surveys the site
  • Understand the requirement of the client and even discuss the budget before compiling a written quote.
  • Our professional team prepares a blueprint of the door with all specification
  • Hold a detailed discussion with the client
  • After this the necessary changes are given to our skilled staff, they make all essential changes to the design product.
  • Express sliding fire doors never compromise on quality. We believe in the quality in your budget; therefore, we buy all the material from the licensed traders. Our Fire rated automatic sliding doors are designed with extreme height, width, and full vision. The customer-centered approach is our success mantra with sophistication and elegance in the automatic sliding fire doors.

    We offer many kinds of automatic sliding fire doors design:

    • Single leaf Sliding Doors,
    • Bi parting doors,
    • Parallel sliding doors
    • Combination sliding fire doors
    • Wicket door access
    • Non rated sliding doors.

    Our Fire rated automatic sliding doors are well equipped with the safety system qualifying all required safety standards. The mechanisms used are top driven, which takes the entire load on top and allows smooth gliding and trip free hazard. The best of our designs is evident in our photo gallery where you can observe technical sophistication with elegance.